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Support for young people

Support for young people

2020 hasn’t been easy, and many of us are feeling uncertain or anxious. Taking time for self-care is massively important, especially now. Check out the NHS videos for tips for young people on exercise, sleep and how to take care of yourself on social media.

And free, confidential online counselling is available every day of the year from Kooth if you’re aged 11 to 18.

Counsellors available:

  • Monday to Friday: 12noon to 10pm

  • Saturday and Sunday: 6pm to 10 pm at weekends

You may not think of yourself as a carer

You may not think of yourself as a carer but if you have a family member, neighbour or friend who is dependent on you. You may be providing a range of support, including emotional support, going to appointments or cooking and cleaning. It can be physically and emotionally tiring and it’s important to look after your own wellbeing. Mobilise is a community of people helping each other look after someone they love.

MYTH Talking about suicide can make things worse

Thinking about what to say to someone who might be having suicidal thoughts, or who has been bereaved by suicide, feels difficult and scary. You don’t need to have all the answers, all you need is empathy, kindness and an understanding of what help is available.

There is a myth that talking about suicide can make things worse. The evidence is that this is not true. By offering a listening ear you will be helping to reduce someone’s distress, not making things worse – encouraging someone to open up can help them to get support sooner.

Here, we hope are some useful resources:

Coffee and chat, walk and talk, gardening, mental health courses and lots more

Recovery from mental health challenges is both likely and possible with the right tools.

Compass Recovery College provide free courses and social groups for anyone in the area aged 18 or over who may be affected directly or indirectly by mental ill health. So whether you are suffering yourself, or perhaps you are a carer or a family member who would like to know more about mental health, they can help.

With courses about specific diagnoses, general concepts or coping strategies, delivered by staff and peer support volunteers with lived experience of mental health challenges

Alongside educational sessions, they run courses and groups to encourage creativity, such as pottery, art groups and our allotment. During the warmer months, they also offer volunteering opportunities at the Caversham Court Tea Kiosk With several social groups happening every week, there’s always something happening to help support you in living your best life, whatever that may look like right now.

Watch their video to find out more

Enrol on a free Compass Recovery College course. Find out more every Thursday at digital enrolment sessions, call 0118 9373945 or email for more details.

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