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the following link to download for your application form to apply - Deadline August 2nd 2021

Street Parties

Street parties are a good way to get to know your neighbours and bring together people of all ages. Small street parties are usually organised by and for the residents of only one or two streets. Larger public gatherings which are advertised and open to anyone, like carnivals, are best left to professional event planners.

How to apply If you want to hold a small street party you must apply to us between four to 12 weeks before, to let us know that you are planning an event. We need to know:

The date and time

e of the party/event

  • If you want to close a road or section of road – and its name

  • Whether the road is part of a bus route or used by through traffic.

Closing the road You must get permission from us if you want to close your road to traffic for your event. There would be a charge for this. You will always need to make sure that the emergency services can still get through if they need to.

Consulting your neighbours Before we give permission we also need to be sure that you have consulted with, and taken account of, the views of your neighbours and everyone likely to be affected by your plans.

You can find more advice on throwing a street party on The Street Party website.

Street Party applications 2021 We want to support local communities to ensure that everybody enjoys celebrating their neighbourhood, and we are giving you the opportunity to hold a street party on any weekend throughout September. All we require is that completed applications have reached us by the 2nd August 2021.

To help celebrate your neighbourhood this summer we will be waiving the usual road closure fee for any approved street party taking place over this time – so that residents can celebrate without any extra costs.

To apply to hold a street party this summer complete the Street Party Application form by the 2nd August 2021.

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