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WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.....⬇️ We have to stop pretending that certain things are not happening because we don't see it in "our world"
Men and women are struggling because of how their coparent is behaving😤
They are depressed, exhausted, wiped out and yet still trying to do the best they can😔
While the other parent does everything in their power to make things more difficult
Yes...more difficult!! Not easy❌️
To anyone struggling to manage what they are going through, please speak to someone💙
Make sure you have the right people around you and that you are doing things for YOU ✅️
Yes for YOU! ✅️
Its not selfish, it doesn't make you less of a parent it actually makes you a better one💯
Please keep going and understand that your child will see all of your efforts, and will see for themselves how the other parent is, without you ever having to say a word 🙏🏼

To the above words can be found on Instagram - press the link to go through...


Here is a taster ;

RB2M Podcast Episode 3 | Me Myself & Mum

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