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The rail strikes have started ! The railway is upside down as people seek out the availability of trains ! And Downing street don't want to hear it !!

I have come to understand that the 'Railway big wigs' are earning millions in profit ! Whilst the workforce live on little and nothing ! What is that about !

People may object but there was a sigh of relief during Covid (2 years +) when everyone was so glad that the railways were working regardless of the pandemic...

I know so, my neighbour slogged like a dead horse to keep her part in the railway working to its usual capacity. And with no family close by, our family became her family... One, cannot expect the price of living to be the price for dying. , Because you cannot afford to heat, feed or clothes oneself !

Boris ! Are we going back to the 50's
The food banks cannot keep up with the amount of people needing their charity.
Aaah but I forgot 'you're alright Jack' with your £300 a roll wall paper ! Greed is a killer and here's the think you can't take your possessions with you !!
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