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Pubs to reopen on May 12th 2021

PUB TO REOPEN 17 May 2021

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed today as from Monday 17th May we can all go to the pub as normal with no restrictions, this means we can all enjoy using our local pub s again in the same way as we are used to before covid and lockdown. So every pub with re-open next Monday.

Wayne and his team at the Seven Red Rose in Lower Earley welcomed the great news from the PrPrime Minister today.

On the 10 May 2021, Boris said it's been a long time and we are so happy to have the great news, I welcome everyone back to the pub next week..

A spokesperson for the LVA said this is great news but sadly a lot of pubs will not reopen its the sign of the times and due to the prolonged lockdown, over the last few years we have lost so many great pubs across Reading and surrounding areas.

Pub Managers and pub owners welcome the news it will so nice to see our local pubs filled with people again and nice to serve a pint or two.

Were you a Pub Owner ? Did you lose your public house due to COVID.

We like to share your story; Please press here to email your story over to us.

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