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Priti Patel is planning more devastating deportations – here’s how you can stop them

Zita Holbourne is the co-founder and national chair of BARAC UK and a human rights campaigner-shared from Zita Holbourne gal-dem website

The deportation process itself is brutal. Imagine:

  • You’re shaken awake in the middle of the night in your holding cell.

  • Guards tell you there’s a change of plan, you’re being taken for deportation today.

  • Your mobile phone is snatched out of your hands; you’re not allowed to make that precious last call to your loved ones to say “Goodbye” or “I love you”. You cannot reach your legal representatives.

  • You’re cuffed to an usher and forced onto a minibus, to be driven to an airfield hundreds of miles away.

In one final act of cruelty, when you’ve been bundled onto a plane, you’re shackled, from the waist down and chained to two security guards.

  • This is how the UK government rips people from the only lives they’ve ever known – as dehumanised prisoners.

  • Some of those targeted for deportation have been; criminalised by virtue of their immigration status,

  • others are going through appeals

  • and those who have been sentenced criminally now receive a triple punishment of prison, detention, and deportation.

Here are some things that you can do. They will only take a few minutes but will help to keep the pressure up to stop these deportations.

  • Sign our petition to stop the deportations here

  • Tweet @UKHomeOffice and call on them to cancel the flight. Use the hashtag #Jamaica50

  • Follow @baracuk on Twitter. RT our tweets and share the news reports there – look out for a Twitter storm on Saturday 28 December

  • Write to your MP calling on them to write to the Home Secretary urgently – you can use gal-dem’s email template found here (please send any responses you receive to

  • If you or someone you know is impacted or at risk, urge them to get legal advice straight away – we can recommend lawyers if needed.

Extracts are taken from the dem-gal website

Zita Holbourne is the co-founder and national chair of BARAC UK and a human rights campaigner

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