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Updated: Mar 28

OLIVE Gidden

Olive Gidden Grew up in the parish of St Catherine in Jamaica in 1923 , and attended Bermeddy School . Sadly our Mother passed away on the 4th January 2021.

Olive was a very kind , generous and loving person and as a family we wanted to ensure that her legacy lived on ,and we felt that the most appropriate and fitting way , was to request those who Are/Not able to attend the funeral, to refrain from sending flowers, we would instead ask you to consider donating to a project that would help her former school ( Bermeddy)specifically .

There is a current Project in Jamaica designed to promote inclusivity in the education sector. In this regard, it aims to provide needy students with the requisite tools to function in the online teaching and learning environment. This includes ensuring equity in access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) based learning. The provision of assistance to all students is critical for them to be seamlessly integrated into their learning environment. To facilitate equity in access to ICT, items such as laptops and tablets are required.

We hope that we can help support the school and some of the children, who are less fortunate and who could benefit from having access to additional resources. The GoFundMe me page will be open From the 27th January - 27th February 2021

The Gidden Family & Bermeddy school would like to thank you in advance for your contribution and also for honouring the memory of Olive Gidden RIEP

Here is the link for Go Fund Me

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