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NEWS FROM ABROAD; I am Dr. Haya Ahmed Hegazy

Updated: Feb 4

I am Dr. Haya Ahmed Hegazy, 28 years old

Obstetrician and Gynecologist (Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, R3)

From Gaza, which has been under siege for years and whose people have been subjected to genocide since October 7.

Until this moment, the aggression and bombing of our people in Gaza has not stopped, in addition to all kinds of suffering, torment and violations. Slow death due to hunger, thirst, displacement, spread of diseases and inability to obtain any medical care.

And the constant threat of death due to the continuous bombing.

Since the beginning of the war, my family and I have been displaced from our home in Gaza City to the south in Khan Yunis, and then again to Rafah, where we now live in completely inhumane conditions.

Despite this, I never stopped helping bereaved families with medical care and giving birth to women in IDP tents. Providing medical consultations on social media sites and providing free health and food aid and humanitarian initiatives since the beginning of the war to everyone who needs me, until I now found myself in need of someone to help me and my family get out of Gaza to complete my studies...

It is not reasonable for me to stand idly by and wait for my turn until I die. After all these years of fatigue.

Please consider making a donation. Every little quantity counts!

If you can't, please consider sharing this with your friends. I will be forever grateful.




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