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Congratulations to the Medicines Team who have now found a new treatment for Sickle Cell - a disease that has serious health implications, especially as the disease can easily be missed !
Yvonne YEW

We are profoundly grateful this day has arrived. After decades of waiting for a new treatment for sickle cell disorder, NICE’s (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) final draft guidance published today, Friday 3 May 2024, recommends Voxelotor (also called Oxbryta).

Voxelotor will be funded immediately via NHS England’s Innovative Medicines Fund.

Voxelotor will join hydroxycarbamide on the list of available drug treatments for sickle cell in the UK. It’s a step forward and we are grateful for everyone who has worked for this day to happen, including the unwavering support of the sickle cell community.

See link in bio for more.

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