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Feeling lonely? Life can feel overwhelming. Reaching out to others may feel difficult at times, and knowing where to look for advice is sometimes hard. There are resources to help: a wellbeing calendar, videos, resource pack and podcast of people talking about their experiences of loneliness – discover their coping strategies. Support if you’re feeling lonely.

Loneliness can badly affect young people. You might be feeling lonely from spending more time online, not looking after your physical and mental health or from big changes in your life like the coronavirus pandemic. Find support; from a feel good playlist for lonely times, 6 ways to tackle loneliness, videos and lots more: Loneliness support for young people.

Age UK and Silverline open 365 days a year

If you’re feeling lonely or need some practical help and support, you’re not alone, there are people who can help. Age UK national advice line: 0800 678 1602 open 365 days a year 8am to 7pm.

And Silverline embed link in charity name provide 24 hours support and friendship every day, call 0800 470 8090. Free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice for older people.

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