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Liam Royals FC Captain deletes...

I find it extremely hard that ‘black footballers or foreign footballers’ are being invaded with so much abuse that it is far easier to not be a part of the ‘social media’.

  • What is happening social media why are you not getting on the wagon ?

  • Why are people still being persecuted on social media.

  • Why is there not ‘teams’ who are able to check such racist remarks ?

Royals captain Liam Moore deleting his Twitter account in the aftermath of the side's 2-0 Championship defeat at Watford.

Liam the Royals Captain & defender recently declared enough was enough on social media abuse and believed the platform to be 'toxic' before deleting his account.

His final tweet before deactivating his account read:

"I have enjoyed engaging with many of you over the years on here but tonight was just another example of Twitter being toxic!
"You have to stand for something and for that reason I'm deactivating my account. Thanks for your support."

This a terrible message to everyone; Liam has said ‘no more’. He cannot take anymore from the remarks made on the social media platforms.

Lee has not given in to the ‘racist trolls’ rather than preferring ‘not’ to read the constant receipt of remarks that would put him off his game.

But also taking into account, there really is a ’limit’ as to how much racism one can take. Remember this is not just words ! Those words are threatening, damaging and really can have an effect on ones health !

If you have been a victim of social media bullying the following links are for you;

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