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Keon Lincoln

Sunday, 24 January 2021

I didn’t want to write this article. I get so upset hearing that another young child has been killed! Keon Lincoln is the latest child to die. What did this child do that was so bad that he needed to be shot and stabbed multiple times!!

I know mental health is rife now! There is no school! Children and People are at their wits end! I want to be clear this is no excuse for someone to take a life! But people ARE dying from other issues, however, COVID19, and the government has a lot to answer to.

Keon was attacked in Linwood Road shortly after 3.30 pm on Thursday. Witnesses said shots were heard and the suspects were armed with knives.

DCI Alastair Orencas, who is leading the investigation, said:

“There has been no let-up in our quest to find those responsible for Keon’s murder, and these are significant arrests. We are gathering a substantial amount of evidence which will take time to analyse, but we must be thorough to get justice for Keon’s family. They have been fully updated with the latest developments.”
Keon was taken to hospital but later died. A post-mortem established his cause of death to be gunshot and stab wounds.
Please accept our condolences from all at RCE NEWS. May Leon Lincoln R.I.P.

Update - Keon's Mother heard the shot !

It is heartwrenching to hear another family lose their young family member in this way. Keon's mother has said she heard the gunfire. Not realising, it was her own son who had just got shot!

To read more on this story please press here


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