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I first met Daniel Johnson when he started out as a ‘Barber’. His first shop in St. Albans was quaint, unique, and luxurious. It oozed and portrayed the humbleness and ambition of the ‘I am Daniel’ we know today.

His dedication to his business as they grow and blossom. You could say that Daniel created the ‘Midas touch’. But let’s not make any mistakes in knowing or taking it for granted that everything has fallen into his lap... Nuh Sah! Daniel and his commitment to work would make your head twirl of your shoulders.

Can you keep up with Daniel !?!

No, you can't...

This man is the 'Real Entrepreneur’ he has his hands in many pies. I love Daniel I love what he brings to the table... I love him so much that I'll be sharing more news about him and his lifestyle.

It's good to watch and learn from those with experience.





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