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How can this be right ? Uni V Black Students

This is an interesting story !

Photo credits; Metro

There was a party being held by some of the university students. At the party there were 'sematic and racist jokes' being made. Some of the jokes have been illustrated by the students who attended the party. They took photos whilst they played the a racist Nazi drinking game.

Elizabeth and Jemima, both drama students at the University of Central Lancashire, posted online about a white peer who had the n-word and a swastika written across his chest during the booze-fuelled game. (picture above).

They both complained to the university three months ago but both were allegedly ignored. So they then posted their thoughts on social media where it caught the eye of the university.

And now, the university has suspended the 'black students' for shaming the university !! And the ones who attended the party were not reprimanded on their behaviours at the time that the party took place...

Can this be correct ?
Should the university responded in the way that they have.
Surely, a university is exclusive for all !
What's your thoughts ?


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