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Home Office still pushing for 'Deportation Flights'

The Home Office despite the national lockdown is still pushing forward with 'deportation flights'.
Despite the rise of the Coronavirus, it looks like the 'suspended charter flights' will be going ahead.

Priti was born in London on 29th March 1972, to a Ugandan-Indian family. She was educated at a comprehensive girls school in Watford and went on to study Economics at Keele University before completing her postgraduate studies at the University of Essex. In July 2019, she was appointed Home Secretary by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Priti Patel has vowed to defy 'do-gooder' celebrities and activist lawyers by making deportation flights to Jamaica a 'regular drumbeat' in 2021.

There were 23 people due to be returned to Jamaica last month (Dec 2020). Of the 23 alleged criminals, 13 people received legal advice at the 11th hour and therefore were not on the deportee plane.

Since April 2019, the Government has chartered more than 30 flights to deport criminals to countries including Albania, France, Germany, Ghana, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Spain including the Caribbean.

The vow from Priti Patel that ‘ 'This year we will see the number of flights to Jamaica go up. They will become a regular drumbeat’. Priti has described those defending the 'broken' immigration appeals system as 'do-gooders' and 'Leftie lawyers'.

Last year, celebrities including model Naomi Campbell, the actresses Thandie Newton and Naomie Harris and historian David Olusoga joined more than 60 MPs in writing to Ms. Patel calling for the deportation flight to be cancelled.

Question; How can so many be so right in protecting their belief in ‘human equal rights’ whilst one lone person believing that their way is the ‘highway’.

BBC Footage

Windrush CSL

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