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Hiding the Facts behind the figures


Hiding the Facts behind the figures 🤔

Hi everyone please share this - action needed! There is a Gov. consultation that we should all try to respond to. It’s about how we are referred to in data and what data they are proposing to ‘simplify’, downgrade or cease.

Consultation ends 7 August. It’s an online series of questions it will take you 45-60 mins. Best done on a computer.

Example: they want to just do *two* categories for ethnicity - ‘White British’ and ‘ethnic minorities’ rather than different cultures. So example if they did on unemployment the headline rate for White British 4% Minority Ethnic 7.7% BUT they would remove Pakistani @ 10.2% Bangladeshi @9.4% etc.

There are huge implications to this in terms of not seeing inequities and disparities. It in my view is a retrograde step.

Please pass the link on to your data people and Senior leaders and try to respond before the deadline. In any equality impact assessment what they are proposing is significantly unequal.

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