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Have you just come back from India..

Have you just come back from India have tested positive for Covid during the outbreak of a new variant from India, if so you must self isolate at once you would have quarantined in a Government Hotel for Ten days.

If you feel unwell you must contact the NHS track and trace service at once on 119 where they will tell you what to do next, this new India variant has now hit parts of the UK we all need to keep safe in the Reading area, you can also get free home testing kits free of charge many people across the are using then right now.

If you have been called for your covid 19 jabs make sure you keep your appointment you will be helping yourself and other people to stop the spread of COVID-19.

There are two main testing sites in the Reading area working flat out testing people, The Great Hall of Reading Uni London Road and the car park at Prospect Park in Reading, go to the NHS website and book your test there only take around 24 hours for your results to come via your phone or email.

Our Community has done very well let's keep it up.

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