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Harry and Megan

The Interview

The Interview has provided an insight that one could only envisage !


No passport, driving licence, your personal keys and yourself are just some of the personal items that are handed over when you are following ‘royal protocol’. It did not make easy watching when Megan described her ‘life in the palace’, a behind the scenes from the newest member of the Royal Family.


Security taken away from Harry, his wife and child. Harry did what he could to save himself and his family because he had to ensure the safety of his family. The institute stopped his money and his families security.

He did what he had to do but here’s the thing Harry took control and they both agreed to continue their married life no matter what they were facing. These issues (everybody’s negativities) they would face together.

Harry and Megan have experienced the actions, the words and behaviours of people who are racist. Even though, mixed race marraiges does not have royalty to deal with in their everyday life it is as close as it can be to the Harry and Megan Life story.


The institute appear to NOT understand. Or is it a choice by the institute NOT to understand that colour is an issue with people, made worst by those at the top of society.

Harry and Megan Interview

The Mirror


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