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Happy Friday !!

Good day Everyone,

Revitalize! I'm for all of that ...

But the weekend is not here yet !!

Check in to ‘The RCE Website’ it is updated daily with lots of news, events, and voluntary posts available online and around Caribbean Reading Berkshire.

RCE has a re-run of its ‘SLAVERY AROUND THE BRITISH ISLES’. PART 2 as there was a time confusion with the change of time. Believe it or not, I petitioned a few years ago to get rid of the time change. The time change plays havoc on my fibromyalgia ... Another story, another time.

Weds and Thursday between 11.30 am – 1 pm

Zoom Meeting link to follow

A Tribute to the legendary Bob Marley by his Grandson Skippy on the programme 'This Morning' He sounds like his Grandad ..

People, we need more Artists sending positiveness and joyful messages in their songs... I'll share Skippy's tribute to his grandfather Bob Marley.

Time to go again...

Enjoy your Friday!


Yvonne YEW

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