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Gardening ? Yes Gardening !

Do you mean I can still go in the garden ?
Sure !
There's always something to do in the garden.
Tidy up the leaves
The earth is soft enough to plant your shrubs or bulbed flowers (as long as the squirrels don't find out)
Start those Rose bushes now
And its a great time to start planting your seeds ahead of time so that you can and have lovely flowers, shrubs and vegetables during the Winter and in the Spring.

Local Reading Man with his bag of Callaloo - Amaranthus sp - Confirming that Caribbean vegetables can be grown in the UK successfully. We will be introducing what you can grow and how to grow Caribbean vegetables in your garden or pots.

How to grow Callaloo - Amaranthus sp

originated from West Africa


Callaloo is an extremely self-sufficient crop.

Expect germination between 10-20 days, and fast growth after that.

*tastes just like spinach, broccoli, and watercress.

*It can take 1 - 20 days to grow callaloo

*the more it is picked the more it will ‘spring back’ and produce more young tender shoots.

*Callaloo Seeds will germinate more successfully if they are sown into a finely prepared seedbed that receives adequate moisture. This can be done anytime from April onwards so long as the threat of late frosts is over.

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