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*EVENT*Weaving Resilience

Weaving Resilience: A 5-Session Journey for Mental Wellbeing through Art

Join us for our upcoming workshop led by Farah Taha, a master graduate and international artist.

This workshop will provide a therapeutic space for refugees, and members of the community to find support, express themselves, and cultivate resilience through art therapy. Through the use of patterns and repetition, participants will embark on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and mutual support.

Our aim is to create a safe environment for exploration, introduce the therapeutic benefits of patterns, build community, impart coping skills, and empower individuals to embrace their resilience. Starting on Thursday, 7th March, from 2 PM to 3.30 PM at Together's main office in Reading.

Session 1 – 7th of March: Introduction to Art Therapy and Safe Space Creation

Session 2 – 14th of March: Exploring Emotions Through Patterns

Session 3 – 21st of March: Finding Strength in Repetition

Session 4 – 28th of March: Building Community Through Shared Stories

Session 5 – 4th of April: Celebration of Resilience and Self-Expression

To register your interest please contact


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