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Disabled people are finding it tougher...

Disabled people are finding it tougher than ever to have our voices heard. Many of us feel ignored or left out of the conversation. But we know that through difficult times, Disabled people always show resilience and drive, to continue campaigning for equality and inclusion.

To mark the tenth anniversary of Disability Rights UK and to celebrate the collective power of the disability movement, we are holding an online campaigning conference on Thursday 28th of July 2022 offering a range of masterclasses and workshops to support our joint efforts to campaign for equality and inclusion.

Masterclasses will include sessions on using the law, improving communication messaging and social media skills. Workshop topics will include social care charging, the cost of living crisis, employment and Disability Hate Crime.

The conference is a chance to share our experiences, learn new skills, build on successful campaigning methods and develop campaign plans and networks.

Look out for more information on the Conference and register for the Conference online.

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