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#CureTheCareSystem - 17th May - 23rd May 2021

How organisations can support Dementia Action Week (DAW) – a checklist from The Alzheimer’s Society

Help us call on the Government to provide quality social care, that is free and easy to access, no matter where you live. Sign and share the petition here.

Encourage your members to don their denim and dazzle their colleagues, community or neighbours by taking part in our Denim for Dementia fundraiser. Find out more here.

Promote DAW across your Social Media using #CureTheCareSystem. You can share posts, posters, video and lots more. Resources are available on the DAW page here.

Visit the DAW page on the Alzheimer’s Society website for posters and flyers a special Zoom background, social media graphics and the DAW email signature.

Want to more about this year’s theme? If you didn’t manage to attend it, you catch up on our DAW webinar here.


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