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COVID-19 and BAME Populations Data

COVID-19 and BAME Populations Data

Harris a Reading University Student is asking for your help with his questionaire.

This questionnaire has been designed in order to find out why Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities are more likely to get Coronavirus in the UK. This data is being collected for my dissertation at the University of Reading, where I study BSc Human and Physical Geography. This survey will be completely anonymous and the information you provide will be confidential. The data will only be used for research purposes. The University of Reading will keep any information you supply in a secure place until June 2021, when it will be destroyed. Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary.

If you would like to know more about the information you provide, please contact us at the University of Reading:

JOIN US TODAY at University of Reading the first community voice. Members of the local community, as well as University staff and students, are being invited to an open discussion about race, hosted by the University of Reading.

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