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CONGRATULATIONS !! - Wise Women Award Ceremony 18.08.2023

The category Constance Goody received the Award for is the NAOMI Category.

This "show" is the 18th yearly International programme for Women in Ministry.

Constance Goody was the only person to receive this year.

She received the Award for setting up and being instrumental in planting the following Agencies in Reading:-

1. Churches in Reading Drop- in Centre for the Homeless, situated in St.Saviour's Road, Reading - October 30th 1990.

2. Churches in Reading Women's Centre, first held in Wesley Methodist Church, February 1992. Later held in Emmanuel Methodist Church, Oxford Road, Reading.

3. The Globe Luncheon Club for the Elderly, from September 2016 to October 2021.

4. Reading Golders Luncheon Club for the Elderly, set up in October 2021, meeting the needs of Loneliness and Isolation among all races.

Constance's guests and her team at the event.

This song has a special meaning to Constance.

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