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COMMUNITY UPDATE’ Greetings bike family !!


This event has passed however, READING CARIBBEAN EXPRESS NEWS will have the full report about this event.

Greetings bike family

We like to invite you to come to our unity in the community ride

A chance to galvanise our community and show case some amazing bikes

Coming live from Reading !

*We are also celebrating 10 years of The Real Diamondz Bike Crew *

What A amazing bike journey !!

Imagine 10 years

We are inviting all our brothers and sisters friends and family of this amazing bicycle community to come join us.

On Sunday 24th September 2023

The ride will been a gentle cruise along beautiful riverside, canal ways cycle paths

Start and end point by shurgard storage unit northfield Rd, Reading RG1 8AN cruising with a stops en route

Bring along a snacks and hydration, if you like or use the stop facilities en route ,

Meeting from 1pm to leave at 130pm

The ride is around 8 to 10 miles the majority of the route is flat

*Let's make fun you can bring Bluetooth speakers (clean version of song ) make a playlist if needed

*Please pre check bikes and make it's road works and is road worthy to reduce any breakdowns also bring any tools or inner tubes pumps needed just in case (even though their maybe helpful souls around to help it is ultimately your responsibility.

Please be aware public space are shared space sobell /hornes can used in moderation would help to let pedestrians know you are there.

This is a “family” ride, please make sure that you AND your children are riding safely and sensibly at all times as the Real Diamondz . cannot be held responsible for ANY incidents or accidents that might occur due to riding in a large group.

Its going to be good fun.

Parking - there are a couple of car parks spots nearby, but not particularly cheap, street parking is available, though most is charged by meter, there is a small amount free, but you might need to park further away

Reading Station is around 4/5 mins away from start point if coming by train

I think I've covered most things

Finish between 4 and 530pm

Look forward to seeing you there!

The Real Diamondz Bike Crew

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