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On the 23rd March 2023 at the Mapp Centre (Apollo Club), the Barbados and Friends Association hosted a fundraiser for Tharel Thompson.

Tharel came over to visit family and when attending the Walkabout Night Club was viciously attacked. Tharel was stabbed on his head and was admitted to the Royal Berkshire Hospital Reading.

This hospital fees accumulated to near on £150.000. This is a huge expense which resulted in fundraising so that this sum could be paid.

The Barbados and Friends Association (BAFA) supported Tharel and his family by having a fundraising event.

To date; £25,219 raised by the Community towards the goal of £200,000 goal  by Community 811 donations. They still have a long way to go and so the community will be hosting more fundraising events so that this sum can be paid.

Tharel from Reading Caribbean Express News we wish you a speedy recovery.

The video and pictures and coverage of the day is our personal donation in raising awareness of the fundraising events.

The YouTube will be ready at 6pm today pop over and see how the fund raising went..

Kindest regards

Yvonne YEW

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