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This will be an awesome gift for someone...

Share today and make someone's day historically magical every day of the year.

See the video for amazing Black history resources in the form of a calendar. Perfect for Christmas presents or school reference. For more information about the 2021 Alamanac please press here Or press here to obtain your 2021 Alamanac today.

· Stunning Imagery

· 365 Black History Facts – one for every day of the year

· Black History facts from around the world – not just focused on African-American History

· The Independence days of Every African Country

· The Independence Days of Every Island in the Caribbean

· A descriptive ‘blurb’ about every featured individual/group

The dedicated Black History Walks team has been delivering some of the best walking tours in London for over 13 years and has more than 20 years’ experience delivering film exhibitions and talks. Their book Black History Walks in London Volume 1, published by Jacaranda, will be on sale in December 2020. Pre-order your copy here

To see 'Black History Walks' in London online events please click  here

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