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Clive Myrie…

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Good Afternoon !! Do you know that Clive Myrie, the BBC journalist, who was reporting from Ukraine, was brutally beaten up by a group of Ukranians while he was working in Ukraine.

He was viciously attacked by a group of racist Ukranians. Clive Myrie is no longer posted in Ukraine and has returned to working from the BBC news desk, the story has been kept quiet because BBC bosses were worried that this incident might badly impact public opinion.

Sadly, I am not surprised to hear about this, I have heard many, many reports of racist attitudes and behaviours amongst Ukranians. What further saddens me is the markedly different way in which Ukranians have been treated compared to others who come to the UK seeking refuge.

The inequalities are dreadful and shameful. It is, indeed, a terrible and disgraceful picture. Stay blessed and strong 💪🏽 🙏🏾

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