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Candlelight vigil for Cow in Woodley

On Thursday 20th May it will have been one week since the innocent Woodley Cow was repeatedly rammed and murdered by Thames Valley Police. There has been no apology and no acknowledgment of the unnecessary brutality of their actions.

Please join us for a candlelit vigil to remember her, whether in person or at home. We will be meeting at the site of her murder, but also ask as many people as possible to light a candle for her at home.

If you are lighting a candle at home, please share on social media. If you are joining us in person, please feel welcome to bring along flowers to lay for her.

Whilst our hearts are broken for her, we also recognize that this horrific action from Thames Valley Police forms a part of the bigger picture and terrifying ongoing issue of police brutality. We cannot and will not let this go.

Rest in peace, innocent soul.

Her only crime was being free.

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