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BREAKING; A Christian Mother…

BREAKING: A Christian mother whose four-year-old son was required to take part in a school’s LGBT pride parade against her will is to have her legal case heard in court this week.

Izzy Montague made national headlines after being aggressively told by the headteacher of Heaver’s Farm Primary School in Croydon, South London, that her son could not opt-out of the Pride event, despite the families’ Christian beliefs.

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Izzy has launched legal action against the school on the grounds of direct and indirect discrimination, victimisation and breach of statutory duty under the Education Act 1996 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

The case is the first time that a UK court will scrutinise the legality of imposing LGBT ideology on primary schools. Please pray for Izzy and the Christian Legal Centre team as the case begins on Wednesday, 1 February.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting Izzy, said: “This case epitomises the chaos we can expect to see in the coming years in our schools and is another example of the ‘totalitolerance’ that has become so prevalent in our society. Those who preach tolerance and diversity the loudest do not appear to be interested in practising it.

“The treatment of parents at Heavers Farm Primary School represents some of the most chilling breaches of parental rights I have ever seen in my many years of working on educational issues.

“Education is always a partnership between the school and parents, but the school’s actions showed disrespect, dismissiveness and hostility towards these parents. A particular agenda is being forced onto children inside the school gates and parents are being given no means to ensure that their children are being taught in line with their religious and philosophical beliefs.”

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