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Black People's Day of Action -London 1981

Updated: May 5, 2022

The Black People's action day on 2nd March 1981

Photo credits ; Graham Wood ANL/Shutterstock

I joined this website a few years ago and loved that I have seen this leisurely event turn into events in sharing knowledge, and places that 'people of colour existed, lived and indeed had a place within Great Britain' many moons ago.. #Fact

You can see a short video on the Black People's Day of Action on the Black Walks website.

The massive anti racist demonstration took place on March 2nd 1981 with 20,000 people walking from New Cross to central London.
The protest was triggered by the New Cross Fire in which 13 young Black people died in a suspected racist attack.
While the anniversary is observed in the Black community, mainstream media routinely ignores it.

For a detailed explanation by some of the organisers watch their lecture


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