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Black History Walks

Black History Walks was set up in 2007. Since then, the organisation has established a reputation for its diverse programme of high-quality walks, tours, talks, educational courses, resources, and film events. For our latest online event click here.

Black History Walks is committed to providing exceptional experiences that educate people about Britain’s Black history.

Black History Walks is collective of athletes, IT professionals, teachers, artists, authors and film-makers who collaborate to produce events, courses and resources on Black history in the UK.

Black History Walks has talks and presentations are delivered by professors, historians and academics who are experts in their fields.

Over the years, Black History Walks has developed community partnerships with some of the most prestigious educational organisations in London, including the Imperial War Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Museum of Docklands, and the British Film Institute. These partnerships have helped to significantly increase minority ethnic audiences.

Reading Black History can be contacted on the following link; Contact Black History Today

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