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Black British Voices Project

The Voice Newspaper has been encouraging the Black community to participate in the ,Black British Voices Project online survey ( ).   We are approaching the deadline for the survey and want to ensure everyone has a chance to participate before it closes.

The Black British Voices Project is a collaborative partnership with the University of Cambridge and is being led by Dr Kenny Monrose, the only Black researcher in the Department of Sociology at Cambridge.   

This project is the first comprehensive research study of its kind to provide Black people in Britain with an opportunity to define themselves in an autonomous and unedited way. 

 It will allow us to translate some of the feelings that Black people have about a wide range of topics, including Healthcare, Media, Youth, Policing, Identity, Business, Sport, Disability, LBGT, Religion, Politics, the Workplace and more, and use that insight to lobby for real change.

Much has been said about us and to us, but we have not always been able to speak for ourselves, to define ourselves, so this study is about engaging with the everyday person in the black community – to be part of something that will help us to understand our reality of what it is like to be Black and British.   

We hope to use this insight to build an authentic narrative that has genuinely come from the community and push for change that will benefit our community. 

Please join the thousands of other people who have already taken the survey and get your voice heard.  It is time to change the narrative.    

Visit to take part. 

 The survey is open to anyone, aged 16 years and over, who identifies as Black or Black-Mixed race and only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.    

The survey closes on 31st October 2021

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