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Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur and Vice-Chairman to ASBO Tony Charles tell's us about ASBO Its vision, plans, and beneficiaries.

The ASBO team, Chaired by Keith Seville Includes Tony Charles: Tony, appointed ASBO Vice Chair and Media & PR Manager. Francine Griffith: Francine appointed ASBO Secretary. A qualified SEN Teacher, Legal Secretary. Terry Jordan: Terry, appointed ASBO treasurer. Construction manager. Derek Duncan: Derek appointed ASBO Executive Officer / Strategic Management and Mark King: Mark appointed ASBO Events Officer.

Tony also the founder of The Award-Winning Social Enterprise CHANTS Children's Harmonies Against Nations Turmoils a founder-led, entrepreneurially minded Event Management and Music Production Enterprise. Described ASBO's intention "applying entrepreneurial skills is core to what we do as a company. We value new ideas; we don't rely on doing things the conventional way, applying our expertise to young people's learning process whilst we individually learn from them. Testing, developing, and taking calculated risks are ingrained in our programs. ASBO plans to further expand its reach by introducing accredited programs in 2021, then developing a national Residency program to help 18-30 year-olds start and scale businesses.

ASBO would like to serve the community by partnering with the Police effectively, Local Authorities, After School and Recreational Clubs, Probation Services, Family Advisory Organisations and Youth Advisory Committees; to answer the growing need for credible youth activities. ASBO initial input is to develop the mindset and understanding of young people, helping enhance their understanding of work and the workplace developing work-based skills and processes directly linked to it like filling in forms and creating CV's and learning interview skills, progressing to programs that help them to understand entrepreneurship and setting up their own business.

Tony had this to add, 'whilst we applaud the activities run in the past, including our music production ran under the banner of Chants CIC; many are for the moment fun and trendy but don't teach the skills needed for young people to apply themselves in a business environment. ASBO is different, instead of just dancing and singing we'll now teach young people how to set up their labels, and put on shows, instead of playing football we'd teach them how to set up tournaments, create logos and build brands and concepts that can turn into something with exponential-growth.

Recent research has shown a direct link to the failings of the UK education system in the way it teaches young people from BME communities leading to an over the average rate of exclusion from schools for youngsters of Afro Caribbean descent. With those same young people directly linked to the disproportionate increase in young men from Afro Caribbean descent imprisoned in the UK and we at ASBO would like to change that and help reduce those statistics however we can.

ASBO plans to run a residency program, competitions, shows, events and motive's to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground.

All designed to help young people become more confident in their abilities and realise how resilient they are - that they belong, and they can create their opportunities and future.

We hope when a young person their parents or the organisations that work with them here about ASBO know positive, energetic, role models who care and who have shared the same ups and downs and life experiences as them are here as entrepreneurs and business owners... so maybe, I ( or you) can do that too.

For more information on ASBO to sign up to events activities or to register as a partner visit or email

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