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An Appeal for Nathaniel Nabena

The Daily Mirror's heading published on the 13 FEB 2021 ; Boy, 9, diagnosed with leukaemia in UK denied NHS care unless parents pay £825,000.

Nathaniel Nabena, is a little boy of 9, who had to have his left eye removed because of a cancerous tumour - but he was then diagnosed with myeloid leukaemia.

He had the treatment done in Nigeria and then came to England to have his £5,000 prosthetic replacement fitted privately in November.

Nathaniel Nabena, started suffering nosebleeds and a fever and it was then he was diagnosed with rare acute myeloid leukaemia at South London’s Croydon University Hospital.

It was then that the highly sum of 82,000 showed its head. If Nathaniel Nabena does not receive the money for his operation he will die in 9 days

Please share so this little boy can receive the operation he needs.


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