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2 Public Houses Close Their Doors in Reading

A covid outbreak has forced two Reading pubs to closed temporarily both pubs are in Frier Street in the heart of the town, all staff from both pubs have been sent home to self-isolate both pubs will be open again very soon.

A member of staff from both pubs in the town was contacted by the NHS app saying to self-isolate meaning around 40 staff from both pubs are now at home. All the staff from the pubs involved have to take a covid test before they are allowed back to work.

As from Monday 19 July, Reading moves into freedom day where you will no longer have to wear a mask in your local pub, would you feel happy not to wear one.

Covid-19 rates are now getting much higher across Reading again but no deaths have been recorded at this time that's good news.

We must all still be very careful and keep testing and use the NHS app wear ask to use it you will be keeping yourself safe and others.

The Government has said the next round of jabs to be offered to people will be the flu jab in a few month's time. As winter starts we hope covid -19dose not take hold this wintertime.

So let's all stay alert and safe it has not gone away yet we all have a duty of care to each and every one of us to stay safe and enjoy our freedom.

Words and photos by Paul King RCE News

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